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Whether you want to enhance the shape of your eyes, recapture the youthful look of your face, create definition for the lips, fuller looking lips or simply save time applying makeup in the morning.

Semi-permanent cosmetics will enable you to wake up with makeup perfectly applied every morning and keep it there all day.

Imagine the convenience of lasting colour, eyeliner or perfectly placed brows that dont wash off, smudge or smear. Semi-permanent cosmetics can also boost your confidence. The pigments will fade over a period of time varying from up to 5 years after which time a touch up will be necessary. As aging is a continual process of natural lightening of the skin and hair, the fading rate of the pigments gives the opportunity to change the pigment colour with each re-touch, to suit the bodies colour changes. For example, if the pigments did not fade gradually, dark coloured eyebrows on a twenty or thirty year old may look great but by the age of fifty or sixty would not look flattering.

Its there when you wake up, there when you swim, after you shower and when you perspire or rub your face - and you dont need to reapply it every day - how convenient...!


Semi-permenent cosmetics are ideal for anyone who:

Is currently using eyebrow, eyeliner or lipliner pencils

Allergic to conventional cosmetics

Finding it difficult to apply makeup due to a visual or physical impairment

Wanting to save time putting on makeup


Micropigmentation is the implantation of colour into the dermal layer of the skin. Only the very best pigments are good enough for our clients, we use only the best pigments and equipment available to help achieve the best results. The needles we use are detachable and disposable. Sterile needle aids in preventing blood residue or body fluid contamination of the machine electrical compartment and the disposable needle casing is convenient for one-time usage. Our triple combo needle provides triple protection, insuring the health and safety of both the technician and the client. The permanency of the micropigmentation procedures depends on the skins ability to absorb the pigment, the health of the skin and the pigment colour implanted. The pigments are implanted into the dermal layer of the skin. Excellent numbing agents have been especially developed for all procedures, however some discomfort should be expected. The discomfort factor varies from one person to the next. 80 - 95% of clients cope very well with the procedures. There is topical anaesthetic for application before the treatment begins and a numbing gel for application during the procedure for extra comfort.


Tattoo Consultation only is $50 (added into your initial appointment)


Micropigmentation Wake-Up-With-Make-Up tattoo for eyeliner, eyebrows and lipliner


This stunning eyeliner design is just like you would have with an eyeliner pencil. Sits outside the lash line like an eyeliner.


Top and Bottom Eyeliner - these prices are for one treatment - if you require another session or touch ups - charges will apply. 

$275 (allow 90 minutes)


Top Eyeliner 

$235 (allow 60-75 minutes)


Lower Eyeliner 

$185 (allow 45-60 minutes)

TOUCH UP RATES from $185 per hour


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