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Eyelash Extensions (award winning)

One of the most experienced lash extensionists in New Zealand, having completed thousands of sets of lash extensions, Sheree will create lashes that suit your requirements and enhance your natural beauty.

With over 12+ years eyelash extension application experience, Sheree will create the look you desire for your very own set of stunning semi-permanent eyelashes. The lash extensions are bonded on individually to each of your own natural lashes, with a very special 'surgical adhesive' specially designed for use around the delicate eye area, contains no formaldehyde. There are a variety of different lengths, thicknesses and colours for you to choose from to create the look your heart desires.

Lash prices vary depending on how many lashes you have naturally to create a full set of lash extensions. The prices vary (see below) but basically go like this:


Full Natural Classic Set $110 (60mins - (limited time offer - website deal $65 - conditions may apply)

- does not include lower lashes

Full Glam Set $165  (85mins) - (limited time offer - website deal $95 - conditions may apply) - does not include lower lashes


Be aware that the prices for infills go by the time booked out so the more lashes you want, the more it will cost. 

Time-wise, I put in as many as I can in the time I have allocated for your appointment. See price guidelines here:

45 minutes $85 (website deal $50 - conditions may apply)

60 minutes $110 (website deal $65 - conditions may apply)

75 minutes $140 (website deal $80 - conditions may apply)



Note: Eyelash extension treatments are at your own personal risk. As with any treatments, there is always a possibility of increased sensitivity or allergic reaction. The clinic is not responsible for adverse reactions.

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