Vamp Beauty Studio - Richmond Nelson & Tauranga Clinics



We use depileve hot and strip wax. Hot wax is used for all facial waxing as well as underarm, bikini and brazilian waxing. Strip wax is used for all other waxing treatments. After all our leg and back waxing, the skin is cleansed of all wax residue, the skin is either cool or warmly compressed and then moisturised to soothe and nourish.


Ladies Facial Waxing

Upper Lip $15

Chin $15  

Upper Lip and Chin $25

Eyebrow Tidy $15

Cheeks from $25 

Under eyes or small patch $15 


Ladies Body Waxing

Half Leg from $25  

3/4 Leg from $35

Full Leg $50

Thigh from $25

Front or Back of Thigh from $20

Underarm from $20

Standard Bikini from $20  

Extended Bikini from $30

G.String Bikini from $40

Initial Full Brazilian from $65  

3-4 Weekly Maintenance from $50 

5-6+ Weekly maintenance from $65

Forearms $20

Full Arms from $30  


Ladies Waxing Combo's

* Half leg & bikini or underarm $40

*Half leg, bikini & underarm $60

* 3/4 leg & bikini $50

* 3/4 leg, bikini & underarm $70

*Full leg, bikini or underarm $65

*Full leg, bikini and underarm $85



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